Where will you be?

Jun 23

Where will you be?


Where are you going?

It has been awhile since I have gone to listen to a speaker about Business.  I think I got a ‘speakered' out last year and decided to give it a rest for a while.  And you will agree, sometimes it is a good idea to let things rest and let the ideas peculate for a while and see what comes out of all the learning and listening. 

I re-emerged last week and went to listen to Sir Michael Hill in Wellington.  It was a useful and excellent spend of my time.  He has the energy of someone half his age and still has a vision of where he wants to go in his business and life.   

A really stunning question he put to the audience, and it floored most of us in the room, and I am still thinking about it , was - Where will you be in 30 years time, what will you be doing?

I immediately thought - hopefully I'm alive!  And then I thought, gosh how old will I be? and that number was really beginning to get up there. 

I wondered next, what would I want to be doing at that age?  Sitting back and waiting to die?  Will I be without family, friends or hope?  Or would I be one of, what appears to be, the lucky few, still a motivated, sparkling human being, able to add something to the people and world around me.  I know I really prefer the latter idea.

So I have been pondering the question ever since.  How do you keep well, active and useful at an age that a while ago few of us could have hoped to attain? 

Now the answer to this is the usual; diet, exercise, making healthy choices and staying mentally active and challenged.

So here is the kick, as we get older change is more of an effort.  So challenging ourselves to do more, to get out there and do different things, challenging ourselves with new experiences and ways of doing things takes more motivation and effort.

I read somewhere, and have listened to this comment often enough to understand that most people believe this to be true - ‘Change is hard'.  Yet, change we must continually do, and ever more so, as we grow older in order to ensure our happy future.

I am beginning to form a vision of me in my 80's and 90's.  I like the idea of belonging and contributing to an organisation that is in need of my brain, knowledge and wisdom.  I have the happy notion that I will be rewarded for this and the contribution I will be able to make. 

In order to make that contribution I better get back on the band wagon of learning, and building the experiences that will drive people to want to hear and speak to me in my future.  I need to continue to create new connections and foster current ones, right now, that I will need in my future.

Take time this week to ponder the question for yourself. 

Where and What will you be doing in 30 years time?  Will you be proud of yourself?

Posted by Denise - June 23, 2011 at 1:25 pm
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