Leadership vs Management

Nov 17

Leadership vs Management

Over the years it has come to my attention that we Kiwis know a great deal about Management and a whole lot less about Leadership.

I often ask at my leadership training day what is Leadership and Management? I tend to get a very mixed response. In general most of the responders use words for Management like; Organising, Planning, Motivating, Goal setting (planning activity); Business planning; Staff management; Forecasting; Direction and Vision etc. And a fair amount of confused thought about leadership and all it's diversity.

As you can see from the above answers to my question. Some of the responses are quite correct for management, however, not all of them are. A good Manager organises, plans, forecasts, controls, sets targets, creates structures etc. All in all a good Manager manages tasks.

A leader leads people. That takes Vision and Inspiration, the ability to motivate and understand others, the ability to guide and listen (not just speak!) . Leaders are excellent communicators who do far more listening than speaking. And speak when the time is right. Leaders exhibit courage and are fair in their dealings with others. They are disciplined and have a sense of urgency which they can convey to others. They assess and find the good in everyone - and are ready to work with others to grow their skills. They are never threatened by the skills and capability of those around them.

Leadership is often couched in very positive terms. I know a number of leaders who have long since learnt that leading is can be a lonely and personally draining space. However, they have built the inner reserves and resilience to cope with the decisions that must be made. They work on building those reserves daily to remain strong and capable for their people.

In today's world we can go to university and learn for 3 years how to be a good manager. I have yet to see or hear of a three year course that builds leaders.

In this world - you need to be both Leader and Manager.

Learn the difference. Practice the art. Management and Leadership.

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