Communication when Learning New Skills

Jul 6

Communication when Learning New Skills


I went to my first basic Motor bike riding course on Saturday. I have never riden a scooter before or a motor bike. ( I had to get my license as it was over 50cc)

I don't know why - but I assumed that riding a Scooter would be a dodle. The bike was heavier than I thought and required more skill level than I had.

I have got to applaud the instructor. He was blunt, clear and concise in his expression of my ability. He asked some good, serious questions about my previous experience and told me what I needed to do and learn - and how far away from that target level I was. No prevarication.

I liked this man! I learn't as much as I could from him and asked more questions about what I needed to learn. I appreciated his skills more. He was encouraging and fair.

I was really proud of myself when I passed my test later in the day.

And I was made aware again how speaking plainly to people can actually be a good thing - being 'nice' about my skill level would not have helped me at all.

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