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Here are some gifts from Denise. Keep checking this out as we will be adding more "free stuff" from time to time. 


Your Guide to running a successful business with your Life Partner.  E-book.  By Denise Gluyas and Lisa Canfield. 

Are you running a business with your life partner?  or thinking about it?  This introductory chapter to the e-book that Denise and Lisa have written could be just what you need.  This chapter introduces some of the concepts that Denise and Lisa talk about in the rest of the e-book.  Have a look through - and if you want to get the rest of the e-book contact Denise directly.  click here for download 


Empowerment  click here to download.  Some wonderful and inspiring stories and ideas to build the next stage of your life


Retail checklist click here to download.  All the things you need to remember before you open the door.


193 Marketing Strategies click here to download.  All the ideas you need to market your business.


The Confidence Test click here to download.


Business Plans click here to download.  All businesses need to plan,  This template can make it easier for you


Purple Cow. Transform your business by being remarkableClick here to download.  Sometime we don't notice the very things that could make a difference to how well we are doing.  Great little e-book


True Team BuildingClick here to download.   Time to change how you and your team are working together.  Get some great ideas here.


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"Through one on one coaching Denise has helped me improve Sales Targets; Setting and Achieving Short, Medium and Long Term Goals; Time Management; Team Building; 90 Day Planning; Territory Management; Networking and Lead Generation." Kim Harvey- Freedom Alarms